Best DUI Lawyer: DWI, Lawyer Information, DUI Attorney Fees

Best DUI Lawyer: DWI, Lawyer Information, DUI Attorney Fees

Posted 11.28.2011 in Articles by Jessica

A driving under the influence (DUI) case may have repercussions that affect the rest of of the driver's life, including a possible felony conviction. A DUI lawyer can protect a driver's rights in the future by defending his rights today, and the sooner a driver contacts a DUI attorney, the better. As an example in California, a DUI DMV Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing must be requested within ten days following a DUI arrest or certain rights may be forfeited, including the suspension of your licence even before your first court hearing is held.

DUI Attorney Knowledge

An attorney who speciaizes in driving while intoxicated (DWI) understands the finer points of law that must be considered in DUI cases. By analyzing the evidence and testimony at every step of the arrest, beginning with the stop and proceeding through execution of sobriety testing, an experienced driving under the influence lawyer will ensure the rights of the accused were not violated. Experienced legal counsel prevents abuse of power by those in authority.Every driver is innocent until proven guilty, and a good lawyer can help those falsely accused receive justice.


Challenging a DUI

A qualified DWI lawyer will determine whether there are grounds to challenge the procedures carried out by police during the DUI arrest. Procedures include but are not limited to (1) whether a stop by the sheriff or police department was in accordance with the law; (2) Whether testing was executed following proper procedures; (3) Whether any evidence seized was obtained legally; (4) Whether any inadvertent statements made by the accused to the police or sheriff's department are admissible.


DUI Repercussions

A drunk driving conviction will turn up on background checks for the next ten years. It raises the cost of insurance premiums, may include fines or jail time, and will raise the stakes for any future arrests. It may disqualify a person from finding employment in certain professions. Lawyers specializing in driving under the influence cases seek to resolve them with the best possible outcome for clients and victims.


Repeat DUI Offenses

The stakes of a DWI conviction get astronomically higher for each one. In some states, a second offense is enough to warrant jail time and loss of license. Third offenses can label one a habitual offender, requiring up to a year in jail. Some states will install ignition interlock devices that add the public indignity of forcing drivers to blow before they drive. In addition, there may be fines, higher insurance premiums, and expensive rehab classes associated with these convictions. Repeat DUI offenses can cause financial ruin, which in and of itself can lead to bankruptcy and divorce. Retaining skilled counsel is a driver's best defense for reducing the potential adverse effects of a driving while intoxicated arrest. Even a first offense deserves the best legal defense available as it may someday come to bear on a future incident or opportunity.

Revisiting Past DUI Convictions

For one who has already been convicted of a driving offense, it may be possible for an experienced DUI lawyer to review the record and find reason to have the conviction expunged. A conviction will affect future arrests and may adversely affect one's ability to get a job. Hiring a skilled DWI lawyer to review a past conviction may be a reasonable investment for a driver who feels the conviction impedes career growth and improperly reflects the driver's character.

Seek Legal Guidance as Soon as Possible

A driver arrested for driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, or any related offense should seek an experienced and successful DWI lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled DUI attorney knows a driver is innocent until proven guilty and can help a driver understand their rights under the law. With a deep knowledge of the law as it pertains specifically to criminal charges and DUI, a lawyer can ensure that a client does not agree to terms that would diminish their rights and lead to undue punishment.


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